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Hi, my name is marilyn wilson and I am the main creator for majorjackpots
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I work with a small group of professional gamblers who like to share our tips and tricks for playing at any casino. Helping others win money at the casino is what we are all about.

My job is to share information on various types of gambling. Do I go to casinos often? no, I simply pass on the tips and tricks from other gamblers.

If you wish to contact us, the best way to reach us is through our social media links on every page, YouTube, and Twitter messages to get noticed first.

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We have slowly built up a group of gamblers with similar interests, making money at the casino. There have always been thousands of ways for casinos to make billions over the years and we started looking for ways to increase our edge when gambling at any casino game. We looked at every game in most land-based casinos and thought what’s the best way to play these games?

Most people have only really heard about card counting in blackjack for example, but there are way more casino games to test our theories. this started many years ago in a few casinos up in Canada, where we started seeing these must pay before progressive jackpots and thought if the jackpot had to pay before $1000 and it was at $900 would this not be an almost guaranteed win?

This little gambling journey started almost 20 years ago and has become a very profitable edge when playing certain slot machines. Back in early 2000 a few of these casinos had about 100 penny slot machines with a capped progressive jackpot. All of these penny slot machines had a major progressive jackpot which had to pay before $500 and reset at $200 in most cases. Not like today, where these machines have been replaced with similar slot machines with much bigger jackpots.

Like I said before, this is where it all began, we started chasing these little $500 progressive jackpots when the numbers were high enough and it simply became a waiting/numbers game. Obviously, if a particular major jackpot has to pay before $500 and it is at $490 it’s almost impossible to lose any money chasing it because of the numbers alone. Most of the slot game progressives we referring to here moved up 1 cent for every $1.60 won during play on average.

Now, this might sound like it might cost $100’s to move the major jackpot up a whole $10, but it didn’t take us long to figure out how to play it so it didn’t cost much in the long run.

This chasing major jackpots didn’t come without its share of actual work. Let me explain, these casinos opened at 9 am and closed at 3 am or 4 am. We started keeping an eye on all of these various 100 slot machines with these major jackpots that had to pay before $500. When the casino was closing we would simply walk the entire casino to check how high some of these jackpots were and guess what, almost every night there was at least one of these penny slot machines where the major jackpot was worth going back to play at 9 am.

So did we make money chasing these jackpots? absolutely. We weren’t breaking the casino but we weren’t losing overall either. Eventually, we started looking at other casino games throughout where we could possibly create what’s called an edge for us the players. The term edge betting has been around for many years but most people don’t hear about it because it’s generally only used amongst serious gamblers.

Throughout the years we have tried to find the absolute best ways to play blackjack or baccarat or even games like roulette. Some games are better than others of course but our goal was simple how can we increase our odds of winning in the casino even if it’s only a 5% edge. Well, that’s exactly what this website is all about.

After spending hours looking for some real casino-based information websites that actually offered good advice, we were disappointed with our results. Yeah sure gambling should be basically for entertainment but what about people that actually wanted to take gambling more seriously? All we found was a bunch of clickbait sites that never seemed to offer legitimate good advice for gambling at real casinos. We tried several online casinos and our experiences were terrible overall.

Our thought when building this website was how can we actually help people that want to take gambling more seriously? That’s exactly what we are trying to answer.

We are constantly updating our site and blog with new articles on playing certain casino games and we believe it’s only a matter of time before more gamblers start using our tips and tricks for playing their local casino games. We are very thankful and grateful for everyone who stops by and reads our latest tips on edge betting.

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